Founded by tenacious designer benjie wilhelm, singularity design co is here to enrich the world through design


We are a satellite creative agency, meaning all of our crew members work remotely. This allows creatives to break free of the traditional eight hours chained to a desk and maximize their creativity and inspiration.

No matter how altruistic it may seem, we believe graphic design can change the world and we are committed to make as valuable an impact as we can. This means doing great work for clients of all sizes–small to medium businesses, Fortune 500s, and nonprofits. With experience in all these arenas, we are uniquely positioned to bring insight, simplicity, and clarity to our work and the world.




benjie wilhelm
founder + creative director


 crew members

sirius amory
senior design officer

ripley scott
project coordination officer

major tom
photography officer

aston wise
research + strategy officer

elizabeth shaw
business development officer

hal 9000
software + it officer

open positions

keep in touch

Though we don't currently have any open positions we're always interested in meeting new talent. Great crew members are made through relationships that are built over time. 

If you like the work we're doing, and think you'd like to join us on our trip to the stars, shoot as a message, tell us a little about yourself, we can't wait to see how cool you are!

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