when inspiration passes through our orbit,
we chase it into the stars


The creative industry can be busy, requiring us to work at the speed of light to complete our mission. Other times, it can be slow like a satellite in orbit. But inspiration follows no laws of physics and when we're inspired, we do what comes naturally to us: we create.


a brand that honors family + tradition


Born from a rich German heritage, the Wilhelm family has always had an equally rich love of beer, and it felt only right to honor both with a premium lager, crafted in family values. Wilhelm Premium Lager invites anyone to join the family through a shared joy of well-crafted beer and comradery.



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A lifestyle brand for the strong, defiant + faithful


A lifestyle brand for the alternative, Array seeks to use fashion to create relationships among like-minded individuals, who embody the brand’s spirit of “Faith, Defiance, and Strength”.